Dear Fans and Chilli Heads everywhere,

This is one post I have been putting off for months and months now, and today plucked up enough courage to make this announcement.

Chilli Fest UK will no longer be hosting any events in the near future, the reason for this is due to personal family reasons beyond my control.

Since I founded Chilli Fest in 2010, the whole purpose behind this was to support chilli producers, both established and brand new start-ups from all over the UK. Starting with just one event a year in the first year, to organising events in the region 12 to 13plus events a year at one point, it was never a dull moment.

I can say I've met many colourful characters and that's just the punters lol! It was never a job for me but a roller coaster ride of one awesome adventure, with many highs and a few downs.

Sometimes things did not go to plan, but somehow things worked themselves out. I take with me lots of memorable moments and some you want to forget but cannot lol, but I will say this, "I have no regrets"

I loved and adored every chilli producer I have worked with, In the beginning, we were just associates, then friends and finally family, I don't think many people can make that kind of claim, but I can I lived and breathed for over 10 years.

So after all these years, I have to stop, but only until things here get better, and once they do I will pluck enough courage to call upon all those producers again to rally together, that made Chilli Fest UK, so much loved by producers and punters alike.

Lastly, I want to thank the thousands of people that came to our events, and supported our chilli producers by purchasing their chilli products, without you Chilli Fest UK would not exist.

So once again, thank you for your support over these, I won't say goodbye, but will say "See Ya around!"

Chilli Fest UK

Signing off!!!


Chilli Fest UK, Street Chilli Fiesta organizers, EST since 2010