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How it all began!

Before Chilli Fest UK (CF.UK) became Chilli Fest UK it originally started out as a favor to help out a friend who was an event’s coordinator for a local council in the south east of England. I was simply asked to put forward a few ideas that would uplift and bring together the community. The idea I proposed (over coffee & cake) was "why not put on a chilli fiesta, I hear they do well". It was during this causal chat I was then asked to come up with the blue print. With no experience in organizing any kind of event I agreed and I slowly but surely was able to scramble together a blueprint what was then the start of a long journey that was to become a national chilli phenomena with thousands of followers and visitors every year. 

After the successful debut of CF.UK's first Chilli Fiesta (Shoreham Chilli Fiesta) in 2011 the founder of CF.UK kind of sat back thinking that was it, but how wrong the founder was, he was about to find out.  Slowly the news spread within the circles of councils and districts and It was not very long after they contacted the founder of Chilli Fest UK to do the same thing in there district.

Over the next few years Chilli Fest UK would create through its experiences a set of core objectives and philosophies that would eventually drive the founder towards organizing more chilli fiestas nationwide. Chilli Fest UK's festivals are mainly and only focused around small cities, towns and villages, bringing together a community and free of charge to the public too. Use of the word Fiesta, Festival or Fest in its truest definition and meaning is a gathering of communities not just locally but outside that community too coming together in celebration (be it religious or something like a tomato festival celebrated in Spain for example) and not charged a entry fee to get in. Throughout the years Chilli Fest UK has been non-profit since this was a hobby come mission.

A festival is "not" determined by size whether it be 10 people or 1000+ as some may think, but is all about the community coming together, meeting old friends and making new ones, bringing in a harmony and atmosphere of joy, peace and love. Chilli Fest UK takes this approach and follows it and visitors get to encounter something which is rarely seen in this case a day of chilli mayhem.


Our events sometimes get compared to other pay to get in chilli events nationwide, but as the founder has always said "I have no intention to create those kinds of events and I want to keep it free to the public". This still makes Chilli Fest UK events very different from the rest, our events are about chilli and nothing else, we won't mix other genres in our events which are not chilli related. "People come to Chilli Fest UK events to simply suffer pain". (that's no joke)

One of Chilli Fest UK's core philosophies is to help small independents, start ups and those still thinking to jump in within the chilli scene, so the foundr has focused on bringing together those chilli producers from all over the UK to help them reach new customers and this is extremely important. The independent chilli scene is small and the people who work in this sector are passionate and create excellent chilli products, infact some of the best in the world right here in the UK and can't be found in stores.  And it's Chilli Fest UK that presents them with the platform to show that off, it is then these new customers who become loyal and help those chilli producers prosper. 


Chilli Fest UK's philosophy:

Partnership Working, Community Spirit, Participation, Reciprocity, Knowledge, Equality, Fairness, Honesty, Respect, Dignity, Trust & Love. Chilli Fest UK chilli fiestas are not big or huge by any comparison and it's never been the founder's  intention to make them that way. We attract a handful of chilli producers & suppliers, which we believe are the leaders in the chilli industry scene and it works, our events still attract several thousand visitors throughout a day and we are happy not only to support independent producers, but we've helped local businesses too. The journey or adventure up to now has been a winding one, but totally fun, Chilli Fest UK has been till date a non-profit entity always learning from new experiences listening to feedback and changing the plan if things don't go the way the founder wants them to go. All the founders determination, passion and inspiration comes from one source and that is the support of the people and let's not forget the independent producers too. Without this support Chilli Fest UK, would never exist.

Chilli Fest UK also work closely with small local charities too, it's been the founder's intention to give something back whether it being helping raise money for charity or help local museum raise funds for repairs or even for a church and all around the theme of "A day of chilli mayhem" and it bloody works. 

Chilli Fest UK loves bringing the chilli fiesta to the people's front yard and this will not change, it is because he loves it. This is not a journey for the founder but an adventure, the founder does not care how many pot holes are in the road or the weather to get a chilli festival to the people.  The founder voluntaries and passionately enjoys doing this while still holding down his own job. This ongoing journey has personally inspired the founder in more ways than the founder himself can ever explain. But what Chilli Fest UK will stand by is it's philosophies, which have been laid down and will continue to expand its services to the people bringing chilli mayhem right to their door.  We ask the public here in the UK & overseas to support Chilli Fest UK by liking us on Facebook , following us on twitter, sharing our posts and simply spreading the word. Just this action alone on your part inspires Chilli Fest UK to do more and continue to push forward. 

Looking ahead:

Chilli Fest UK is a non profit events group and everything we raise goes into developing Chilli Fest UK events as the founder has over the years and even having to dish out from his own pocket.  With the ever increasing costs of venues, marketing, social media, site development & council licensing and more, Chilli Fest UK will be looking for public support in the form of donations for the first time from 2020, from as little as £1 or if you wish to donate more all monies rasied goes back into the Chilli Fest UK development. More information on this can be found on Support Chilli Fest UK.

Please support 


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