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Brief Background:

Chilli Fest UK(CFUK) has now been organizing chilli fiestas exclusively for over 9 years and since its formation back in 2010, when it was just an idea to help out a friend who was an events coordinator for the local council. (To find out the whole story please visit our About Us page). Since then Chilli Fest UK has grown, It has been a wonderful journey which still continues toda supporting chilli producers throughout the UK.

So, what is it exactly, that Chilli Fest UK actually does?

Over the years Chilli Fest UK (CFUK) has hosted almost a hundred+ events working closely with councils, districts & private venues. Going to towns and cities all over the UK where no other event group would. This has been vital to the chilli producer who CFUK support. But that's not all, the founder does all the marketing, design, dealing with all the red tape and of course rallying the Chilli Brigade and finally turning up hrs before anyone to setup and breakdown on a Saturday. All this and more and done voluntarily without commission and role alone is full-time in itself and still the founder returns to work Monday morning to his actual full-time day job, working on break times and evening everyday throughout the year for the last 9 years.


Vital line for producers:

These events support a chilli producer's lively hood (some of whom who still hold down a job), working extremely long hours to produce premium chilli products and prepared to travel long distances to bring their products to the people. Perfect example is GRIM REAPER FOODS many of you will know and a loyal supporter of CFUK, who actually debuted full-time as a chilli producer in April 2013 at Chilli Fest UK's Blackpool Chilli Festival. Today Grim Reaper Foods is well known throughout the chilli industry and still exhibits at all Chilli Fest UK events and there are many more other producers like hime who still follow CFUK.


CFUK platform has taken years to evolve, but presents chilli producers with the perfect opportunity to exhibit their products for the very first time, but still many producers are unknown so these chilli events are vital to them as CFUK will go where no one else will. Producers sell there products direct to the public, build relations with the people and this is all under the Chilli Fest UK flag, CFUK does not take any sales commission from traders either unlike some other event organizers do. It is CFUK's hope that the producers reap all the rewards on the day. This is not only good for the growth of Chilli Fest UK, but even better for the chilli producers who are dependent on these events and finally good for the future economy of the chilli scene.


Events themselves:

CFUK events are not very big in comparison with other food events, where other organizers will have 60 to 100 stalls, charging hefty fees and then charging admission. CFUK events are small, around 20 to 25 stalls at minimal fees and still attract huge number of footfall from 1500 to 3000 people throughout the day FREE ENTRY to the public, even when it is a indoor event (indoor events may change in the future). Our events are unique since we only bring in chilli producers and nothing else and visitors know exactly what they are getting, a house of joyful pain and delight.


With the ever increasing costs year after year, this led to cancellations of events as many as 5 events in 2017, almost 8 events in 2018 and 2019 too. This is why after almost 9 years CFUK are now finally looking for public support.

Support Chilli Fest UK...

Show your support for CFUK today, your support will help with the running of this website, web designer who works this site, dealing with red-tape, social media, live marketing, distribution and more. Your support will push founder to focus on acquiring more venues get back those venues that were dropped in 2017/18/19 and bring them back in 2020 and beyond. So please donate today, as little as £1 or more if your wish, be it one off donation or monthly commitment. All money donated goes directly into Chilli Fest UK events.

Thank you and look forward to your support!

Please support Chilli Fest UK,

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