Chilli Fest UK are always looking for places to host a Street Chilli Fiesta or our new chilli markets, which is new to our portfolio.

We invite venues be it private, town council or district managers to contact us, weather that event be it a outdoor or indoor. If you think your venue would be fit to hold a chilli festival please contact us, but please note that not all venues are not perfect to host a chilli event.


Please also take into account that Chilli Fest UK is a non-profit organisation and it is our sole aim to build awareness for our group members that are small independent producers from around the UK, who are prepared to travel hundreds of miles to exhibit there chilli products, which can't be found in supermarkets etc. 

Ideally we like to look for small cities with squares or villages with a beautiful settings that would potentially attract hundreds of people not just locally but from outside too for a day of chilli mayhem.

If this sparks your interest and you want to attract masses of people and bring your community together please send a email explaining about the venue, photographs and overhead plans would be perfect. A member of the Chilli Fest UK team will contact you.

Please send email to Mr Chilli Fest on e:

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Naga Masala

Best & only concentrated

cooking sauce around

100% VEGAN. 1 pot makes 1kg of ingedients.

Serves uptp 3/4 persons.

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Dip King.

15+ dips to choose from, Largest dip range in the world.

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Chilli Markets UK.

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Vegan Circle

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Merthyr Street Chilli Fiesta 2014